Emanuela Biancuzzi

Visioni di un visionario

Artists’ tickets

First and only in Italy, the Visionario and Cinema Centrale tickets hosted the works of some young illustrators Made in Friuli alongside the “big ones” of Italian illustration and were one of the many ways in which the Visionario promoted a work of research, promotion and in-depth analysis of graphics and illustration. The project was born in November 2008 as a tribute to Piermario Ciani.

“On the old S.I.A.E. tickets a wording warned us sternly, reminding us to keep the fiscal document until leaving the room. Someone used them to wrap chewing gum, someone found them in their trousers once the washing machine was done, but most of the tickets were collected from the worker that cleaned the cinema at the end of the evening. In the spirit of Mail Art, the cinema ticket is no longer a simple white facade, at most dedicated to advertising, but becomes the vehicle of a real work of art: a ticket to keep, collect, donate or exchange as a sort of artists’ trading card”.

On display at the Visionario are the reproductions of all the works that have illustrated and embellished the back of the regular cinema ticket in recent years: Guido Scarabottolo, Massimo Giacon, Emanuela Biancuzzi, Andrea Rauch, Pasquale Todisco Squaz (first series); Giovanna Durì, Alberto Corradi, Diavù, Helmut King, Mauro Chiarotto, Franco Matticchio, Stefano Zattera, Dast, Alessandra D’Este, Nancy Rossit. For each series there has always been an image taken from the work in the Ciani archive.

The project, commissioned by the  Centro per le Arti Visive and Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche was carried out with the support of Emanuela Biancuzzi, Oscar Serafin and with the active collaboration of the .Lab Centro di Formazione Professionale in Udine.

Visioni di un Visionario / Biglietti d'autore

Centro per le Arti Visive
Visionario – Udine
December 2012 – January 2013

Vado al cine!

Mixed media
on cardboard


Drawing for rubber stamp


Movie evaluation expressions
and proposals for rubber stamp