Emanuela Biancuzzi

Super Dog

Have you ever imagined that a dog could transform into a brave firefighter or a valid ambulance escort? What to think of a dachshund dog capable of reaching unexpected spiritual heights? And what about that canine who, without mincing words, immediately converted a hunter to animalism?

Super Dog! a nimble volume designed and illustrated by Emanuela Biancuzzi dedicated to our four-legged friends, it is a warning to all bipeds and their claims to superiority!

The text collects curious, particular and amusing news, extrapolated from newspapers and magazines from all over the world, relating to acts of generosity performed by dogs. A solidarity that transcends species differences. When a dog performs a rescue action, he becomes a Super Dog for a few days, and yet, we should also remember all the silent, half-breed or high pedigree heroes, who without getting into the headlines are true friends for all seasons of our lives, and who give us the daily, precious, selfless and irreplaceable gift of their love.

Super Dog!

Concept and illustrations:
Emanuela Biancuzzi
Graphic design:
Rosella Zentilin
Series directed
by Valentina Mai
Translation: Maria C. Regeni
Kite Edizioni – Padova – Italy
ISBN 9788895799766
Passpartout Editions – France 
ISBN 9788895799773

Super Dog!

Libreria Friuli Udine
Photo courtesy
Paolo Jacob ©
24 May 2012