Emanuela Biancuzzi


A life-size two-dimensional printed face mask was distributed on the occasion of the event and initiatives related to the tenth anniversary of the death of Piermario Ciani.

At the end of the day, a collective flash mob saw the participation of over a hundred people.

In the second phase of the project, through an open call, Piermask was used in the Mail Art circuit and by simple users who, following my instructions, accepted the invitation to use the mask as an identity activator, creating subsequent personal interpretations.

The multiplicative game of identity has thus been exponentially amplified, generating a great identity racket with unquestionably beneficial effects!

You cannot get on top of your trivial existence?
Wear a multi-pierma personality and enter the way of thinking of the cyanographic goatee!
This paper face, a symbolic place on the border between sympathy and schizophrenia, will allow you to exploit his many identities: sticky, cocky, mysterious, creative, innovative, touchy, sensitive, gluttonous…!
Being Piermario will be both liberating and creative!
You progress in the knowledge of yourself, express yourself mentally… you can have more than fifteen minutes to be someone else …
The remedy, alas, is only temporary.
Then you can return to your normal life.
Everyone will enjoy his/her own.


Project on the occasion
of the event Piermario10
Arti e identità in movimento
Performances, exhibitions and
environmental soundtracks
Sterpo di Bertiolo / giugno 2016
Photo courtesy
Paolo Jacob ©
Elia Falaschi ©

Piermar10. Arti e identità in movimento

Sterpo di Bertiolo / giugno 2016
Photo courtesy Paolo Jacob / Elia Falaschi

Ciano Blu Machine

Ciano Blu Machine
Sound and architectural tale
by Fabio Zigante MisS XOX
Frames video courtesy
Marcello Norberto Anzil
Dee Dee Juke Box 
Photo courtesy Elia Falaschi ©
Ex Filanda di Bertiolo 2016