Emanuela Biancuzzi

Piermario On Air

Who’s Who? How many real or virtual people reside in each of us? One no one a hundred thousand? As part of the Avostanis 2011 Naturalia Artificialia exhibition, an interactive, astonishing evening, on the border between telematics and telepathic, aims to offer a space for reflection and dialogue in which it will be possible to experiment, in real time, with the different issues linked to language, virtual reality and the process of identity construction, revealing unusual perspectives not otherwise perceivable. For a few hours, some multimedia stations will allow the public to enter into new relationships with different personalities and with different aspects of the multiple, hybrid and creative personality of Piermario Ciani, a singular and multifaceted artist, to whom this event is dedicated.

Agriturismo Ai Colonos, Villacaccia di Lestizza
29 August 2011

Organization: E. Biancuzzi and G. Cecotti

With the participation of: Carlo Branzaglia, expert in design theory and criticism; Giorgio Conti, professor at The Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and author of a video – sound installation integrated with a performance by the artist Lorena Matic; Pierma from space, Luther Blissett.

Technical and organizational IT support: Christian Virgili, Andrea Saccomano – H2net. Special thanks to Massimo Artusi.
Ph. courtesy Roberto Coco / © FotoGraficaMente 2011


What is Avostanis?

Avostanis, which reaches its twentieth edition in 2011, is a summer festival that offers a series of theatre, music, cinema and art appointments plus various events, characterized by a cultural elaboration that combines local culture and global dimension, tradition and contemporaneity, peasant culture and postmodern reality. It has a very informal character, and takes place between the end of July and the beginning of September in the spaces – especially in the large farmyard – of an old farmhouse, which hosts a small organic farm, also encouraging a dimension of strong sociality.

The title of Avostanis 2011 is “naturalia artificiala”. With this theme, which we consider highly topical, we intend to investigate some aspects of the relationship between natural reality and artificial reality, between man and machine, between the real world and the virtual one. The intense activity of artificialization of the environment by man, the acceleration of an “invisible invasion” of new digital and telematic technologies that are revolutionizing human life, the increasingly strong hybridization between natural and artificial dimensions and the amplification of man’s sensory and mental capacities will be the subject of some specific initiatives.


Leonardo, Cristian Virgili, Federico Rossi, Emanuela Biancuzzi, Gabriella Cecotti, Giorgio Conti, Lorena Matic, Carlo Branzaglia.